Row by Row Reveal

So last time I gave you the history of our row.  But I was sneaky and didn’t show you the row!!   Now you can see it, in case you haven’t already stopped in or seen it on Facebook.

756x432_row_by_row_2016jpgWhat do you think?  Cute, right?  The RV is for Mara’s new camper.  Old Bay is for the amount of that wonderful seasoning we go through at the shop.  Cuddling on the sofa while watching TV, well that is all of us.

We are so excited to be participating this year. Already we have had so many new visitors to our shop and so many people are sharing memories with us about eating crabs or their first tastes of Old Bay if they aren’t natives.

Remember to stop into the shop to pick up your row.  We will be looking for you!


Designs in Machine Embroidery

Lately we have been prepping for our next Designs in Machine Embroidery (DIME) event.  We had one back in the fall and it was a success.  I was able to learn so much about machine embroidery and the different software that DIME offers.  But with Christmas the the busy of all that, I didn’t get a chance to really play with it as much as I would have liked.  In fact until the recent snowstorm, I didn’t really have any chance to open it up at all.  Shameful, I know, to have such an opportunity to learn a new skill and delay.  But I feel like I have redeemed myself. Since the snow storm, I have spent countless hours learning all about DIME’s Perfect Embroidery Pro, My Quilt Embellisher, My Block Piecer, and Word Art in Stitches.

I have watched hours of webinars on the different DIME products and have learned so much.  Not only have I learned how to use the software, but the webinars have given me some great techniques and skills  when digitizing my own designs.  I especially like how I can take a drawing and use it as a backdrop and then design the machine embroidery over top of the drawing like using a light table for tracing.


I took my favorite Youtuber’s logo and was able to digitize it.


Here it is on the Perfect Embroidery Pro Software.  Notice the different types of fill stitches I was able to choose.  I think it really makes the text look futuristic.


Here is the final product.  I used Floriani thread on craft felt with medium tearaway stabilizer.  I am pretty pleased with how it turned out and I know the more I practice with the software the better my skills will get.

Preventing Crafting Injury

After the rush of crafting for Christmas, we have been seeing a number of customers coming in laughing about being on injured reserve.  Sore wrists, sore backs, or sore thumbs; we forget that something that gives us pleasure can also hurt us if we are not careful.  So a list of 7 things you can do to help prevent injury.  Obviously I’m not a doctor, so if any of your “owies” cause you significant pain please see a real MD,  but from years of crafting experience and pooling from the ladies at work, not to mention the knowledge on the internet, here is what I learned. Continue reading