Dream Machine Embroidery Placement


I have been working on Fandom in Stitches’ Harry Potter Project of Doom.  It is a quilt along where a new block was released each week for about 6 months.  I have learned so much working on this project! I learned how to paper piece, do trapunto, and even design my own block.

The blocks are comprised of book spines and related knick-knacks as one would find on a bookshelf.  All these book spines were just begging to be embroidered with machine embroidery.  The Facebook page for the project had many embroidery designs of book titles as does The Bored Zombie.  I really like how Susan at The Bored Zombie digitizes so that is who I am going to use for this tutorial.  I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about how to embroider, I  am instead going to show you how the Dream Machine by Brother uses a camera for design placement. Continue reading

Fun with the Twister Tool

One of the best things about working at a fabric and yarn shop has to be the toys.  There are so many fabrics to play with, yarns to touch, and patterns to explore.  But the tools, oh, the tools!!  I was stocking the new patterns today and I came across a number of patterns that used a tool called a “Twister.”  This is a plastic template with little feet which has markings to line up with the seams to enable the quilter to make a pinwheel pattern.

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Wallet Tutorial- Father’s Day Gift idea


Guys can be notoriously hard people to sew for.  Not only do most have a limited color palette (grey, black, dark blue, brown, maroon, and camo – or is that just my family?) but there are really only so many variations on shirt, hoodie, pants, and ties that a man will wear.  Not to mention, guys tend to be big and take a fair amount of fabric.

But what can you make a guy that they will appreciate and use? How about a wallet?  Since it is small and hidden you might be able to get away with some fun fabric or patterns. Novelty fabric, anyone?  For the sample I picked some rich monochromatic hues in stripe and check Peppered Cottons.  This is such a simple wallet with 5 pockets, it only takes about 90 minutes all told to make once all the fabric is prepped and ready to go.

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Father’s Day Key Fob- Tutorial

Father’s Day is just around the corner- June 21st.  And we love our Dads here are Woolstock, so over the next few weeks I am going to be offering some guy-friendly gift ideas.

First on the list today is a key fob.  These are easy to make in under 15 minutes! If you are local to Reisterstown, Maryland, stop in and grab a kit. You can use one of our incredible machines which will give you about a million different embroidery options. (ok, that might be hyperbole, but seriously these machines have a bunch!)

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Lunch Sack Tutorial

Lunch Sack Tutorial

I love little bags.  They are so useful for organizing and make such an easy and personal way to wrap a gift.

This little bag is the perfect blank slate for your creativity. You can pick any color, add embroidery, a handle, and even try out different closures.  With this bag I added the handle and used a wrap around tie closure.

Ok, let’s get to it!

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