Row by Row


It is almost time for my favorite summer activity- Row by Row!  In case you haven’t heard about this phenomena that is taking over the quilting world, let me explain.  All participating quilt shops (which includes Woolstock Knit & Sew this year) offer a quilting Continue reading

Brother Dream Fabric Frame

We have had the Brother Dream Fabric Frame for a while now.  In addition to showing it on demos, I was able to do some quilting with it.  I have to say I love it!  I have quilted using many different methods; hand, machine, and embroidery.  But to use the Brother Dream Fabric Frame was so much easier.

It will never be a long arm quilting frame, but it doesn’t claim to be either.  I can do stitch-in-the-ditch, or free motion with no hassle and in less space than a long arm.  With the differential feed adjusting to my speed, my stitches look great front and back.

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Our Newest Toy- The Brother Dream Fabric Frame

UPS dropped off 2 large boxes.  We had been told that the new toy would be arriving soon, but we were not expecting it to be today.  Since I was the only one who had even seen the Brother Dream Fabric Frame in person, it would be my responsibility to build it.  I wish I had taken pictures of the progress but if I had made a horrible mess of it, I didn’t want photographic proof of my ineptitude.

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National Sewing Month Challenge

The other day, we had the first person to compete in our Sewing Challenge bring in her project.  One of our sewing students, an amazing 14 year old, “L”, made this incredible bag.  She has been sewing with us for a while but has been sewing even longer on her own.  She came to Woolstock to learn technical sewing and pattern reading, as she was already great at creating her own patterns and finding the “hacks.” Continue reading

Change of weather means fall sewing.

The chill is in the air.  Fall festivals are popping up everywhere. Crisp apples, pumpkin drinks, and the smell of fall surrounds us.  My kids have switched out their T-shirts and shorts for long jeans and hoodies.  It is also the season for jackets.  There is nothing I like more than a good jacket!  Here are some great patterns I have found so that you can create one of your very own.

Jacket with tails I  made this pattern a while ago for a costume.  I found the sleeves were really long but other than that it was a easy enough pattern, plus it is a free PDF!

Talea is a cute overcoat pattern available from Burda to be printed at home.  It would be so nice if made from a luxurious wool, and could you imagine what fun you could have with all the buttons?

Bed Jacket Oh, how I wish to wear a silk bed coat and eat bon-bons in bed.  That is unlikely, but I could at least make myself a sweet little bed coat to wear for the run to the bus stop.

This is a free pattern, though you have to draft it yourself as it is just directions and a diagram.  This is from a vintage pattern book, I love that it gives us a look at a different era.

Here is another pattern from Burda, the Silk Motorcycle Jacket.  It is so pretty, I think I will have to add it to my sewing list!  I love the asymmetrical zipper and the slanted zipper pockets.

Indygo Junction trench coat

Available here at Woolstock, the Midtown Trench is a fantastic fall jacket.  It is a favorite for many of our customers, too. I even wrote a post about it.  I love that there is so many ways to be creative with this jacket, you could do color blocking on the different pieces, embroider the collar and cuffs, or just pick a fantastic fabric.

Another customer favorite is the Little Somethin’ Jacket.  It is perfect for those days when you just need a little somethin’ for the chill. It is loose and unstructured but full of feminine elegance.

What is your favorite jacket sewing pattern?

September is National Sewing Month

National Sewing Month Logo

Did you know that September is National Sewing Month?  Way back in 1982, President Reagan issued a proclamation declaring September to be National Sewing Month “In recognition of the importance of home sewing to our Nation.”  (Proclamation #4576)

Woolstock is celebrating by hosting a Two Fabric Sewing Challenge!!  Everyone who plays earns a free pattern (retail value up to $10, one per customer)

Here are the rules:

  1.  You must purchase at least 2 different fabrics between September 1-30, 2015.
  2. Yardage needs to be at least 1 yard each to count.
  3. Pre-cut packs or jelly rolls count as 1 fabric.
  4. Both fabrics must be used in the project.
  5. Project must be completed and brought into the shop on or before Sept. 30, 2015.
  6. Challenge is open to only local customers- sorry no web or mail customers.

Are you ready for the Challenge?