Resolution: Learn Something

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, thoughts have turned to New Year resolutions.  According to the Nielson ratings for 2015 “Learn something new/New Hobby” was 8th in the list of top 10 New Year Resolutions, behind such standbys as “lose weight” and “get organized”.

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Thrum Knitting

Recently, we have had some roving and carded batts of wool and alpaca fiber come into the store.  It was unexpected, so it kinda sat there for a day or two until we figured out what we wanted to do with it.  While we were looking and playing with it, we noticed that some fiber was in pencil roving, which means the wool has been cleaned and carded in such a way that the fiber is in these long, loose tubes.  Continue reading

At Long Last!!!


We waited 4 months and finally Madelinetosh is in!  We have so many new colors, variations of colors, and new colorways.  You will love Madelinetosh yarn. Not only is it beyond soft, but the hand-dyed colors are amazing with their signature depth of color.  It gives you the interest of variegated yarn but the feeling of a tonal solid.

Woolstock offers 3 types of Madelinetosh-

This yarn can make beautiful shawls, shrugs, and sweaters.

Tosh Vintage- Pull Me Over

Pull Me Over by Andrea Black

Skinny Fit Mitts by Andrea Black

Vintage Bouquet by Dani Sunshine

Toorie by Carina Spencer

Harmonia’s Rings By Sivia Harding

Sampler Cowl By Heather Knitz Designs

Herriot Fine Yarn- A new addition to Woolstock

We got a new yarn in last week, Herriot Fine by Juniper Moon Farm.  This is a wonderful, fingering weight yarn for socks, shawls, or mitts. Made from 75% Baby Alpaca and 25% Nylon, you couldn’t ask for a nicer yarn.  Each skein has 461 yards/ 420 meters so you can get a pair of socks from just one skein of yarn!


Not only is this yarn buttery soft, the colors are perfect for combining with variegated yarns, using in a striped pattern, or with cabled and textured stitches.

Could you imagine these yarns in one of these patterns?

Frosted Fall Leaves by Christina Grivetti

Drachenfels by Melanie Berg

Enough Already Mother Nature by Heidi Nick

Be sure to stop by Woolstock or our online store to pick up a skein or two of this luxurious yarn.

Christmas Projects

We are here at the end of July.  That means there is just 6 months until Christmas and Winter Solstice, 5 months until Hanukkah (it is crazy early this year- Dec 6), so it is time to start making lists and crafting.  It seems strange to think about the winter gift giving season when it is too warm to go to the pool, but sometimes big crafty things take time.  Sweaters, blankets, quilts, all take a bit of time and planning.

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It Takes Time

hang tight

As I was walking to lunch, I cross through a tunnel underneath a major road.  The salt from melting the snow has formed stalactites along the underside of the bridge.  Looking upon them made me think about when I taught my kids how to tell the difference between stalactites and stalagmites (stalactites hold tight to the ceiling, stalagmites might trip you) and how each drip of salt from the road contributes to the growth of these interesting geological formations.  Knitting and sewing are much the same.  Each stitch, each piece of fabric, each minute devoted to a craft develops not only the item being made but you as a person.  Just like that old joke about the only way to Carnegie Hall is practice, practice, practice; the time we put into creating, learning and growing inside our chosen craft defines us as people.

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Knitting Changes Lives

photo 3The other day there was a story on Yahoo News about a man named Gregory Patrick whose knitting literally saved his life. He was homeless and by using his knitting skills, he made cute little teddy bears which he sold on Etsy.  The proceeds of these sales have helped him afford a place to live and food to eat. For the whole story click here. But I was thinking there was more to this than just what the story said.

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