Row by Row


It is almost time for my favorite summer activity- Row by Row!  In case you haven’t heard about this phenomena that is taking over the quilting world, let me explain.  All participating quilt shops (which includes Woolstock Knit & Sew this year) offer a quilting row pattern for free that fits into the year’s theme.  This year the theme is “home sweet home.”  Then as you travel on your summer vacations, you stop into different quilt shops and pick up the pattern.  You can also buy the pattern as a kit, which is a great time saver.


But that is not the end to the fun!  The first person into each quilt shop with a finished quilt (finished means uses 8 rows, assembled, quilted, and bound) wins 25 fat quarters! And that still isn’t the end! If that person also used the row from the shop where they are presenting their finished quilt; they win a special, additional prize.


So what if you aren’t a super fast quilter? What if you like sewing but are more into wall hangings or table runners? What if the idea of a entire quilt is just overwhelming?  You can still play along!!  The rows are a perfect size as table runners.  Some can be adapted to be placemats, and there are fun totes or little bags that go along with Row by Row.


There is still more fun to come! Most of the shops that offer rows also have accessories to go along with it.  The most popular accessory is the individual license plates that each store offers.  These have cute little sayings and are oh so very collectable!!

Since the theme is “home sweet home,”  every store will have a different take on what that means to them. Maybe the shop is located near an historic place and that says home to the quilt shop. What if the quilt shop is in Charleston South Carolina where there is a a row of beautiful homes called “Rainbow Row?”  That would make a beautiful row that would symbolize home to them.  Or what if “home” is more literal and it is a bird’s nest or a sweet farmhouse.

Rainbow Row

I will give you a couple hints about our row.  We are a shop near Baltimore, the land of the blue crab.  We enjoy the outdoors and spending time with our families.  But that is all I am giving up for now.  You will have to wait for the big reveal in June.


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