Surviving the Storm

Now that the first real storm of the season is over, we had 30″ of snow here and schools have been closed for 3 days, I am curious to find out how people survived.  We had lots of people stopping in before the storm to pick up supplies for projects. Judging by all that was bought, there should be lots of new scarfs and hats in Glyndon.

I planned ahead and had my sweater yarn all set. I had some sewing to work on, and even had the presence of mind to learn a new technique from Vicky before the storm hit.  Of course I ran out of my sweater yarn (I forgot to bring home the other ball of yarn Friday), I couldn’t sew as much as I liked since I tweaked my back shoveling, but I did get to practice the technique Vicky taught me.

Vicky was kind enough to teach me how to double knit.  Leslye showed me an interesting cast on a few days before- the 2-color Italian Cast-on.  So using what these 2 wonderful ladies had taught me, I went in search of a fun pattern on Ravelry and Pinterest.  I wanted a hat.  I had yarn that was fingering weight and a contrast that was a light sock.  I made a swatch with each yarn single on size 5 needles.  It felt too wimpy.  I didn’t want to use a smaller needle (they were all tied up in projects anyway) so I figured that I would double the yarn.


So I cast on with a size 8 needle, thinking that with double thickness of yarn a larger needle would be needed.  Again, I didn’t like the feel of the fabric- too loose and wimpy- but I did like how the cast on felt on the larger needles since that cast on isn’t stretchy.  I switched back to my size 5 needles and eureka! The perfect fabric!

Now to find a pattern.  I was able to find a very interesting design with spirals, Sunny Wave but it was in Russian. Google translate to the rescue!!  Not the best translation, and as I wasn’t sure I understood her cast on method, I improvised and used the Italian Cast-on instead.  Also my gauge was different so I did some math.  My gauge is 4 stitches of one color per inch. I needed a circumference of 21 1/2 ” to fit my head.

Look… Math!! 4 x 21.5=86    The pattern has a 14-stitch repeat which luckily is factor of 86 so that means I have 6 repeats.  But since I am double knitting, it means I need to cast on twice the amount. 172 stitches, here I come.

I went back to my pattern. I tried to do a 1×1 rib but I didn’t like how it looked or felt  so I decided to skip it.  I knitted for 1-1/4″ to create an edge.  I placed markers every 28 stitches and then started the pattern.


So far I am on row 10.  My goal is to finish the hat before it snows again.  It is good to have goals.






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