Knitting in the Dark

One of the hardest things about getting older is that we need more light to get things done.  I remember when I was a kid, knitting with black yarn using just the light from the TV was easy, nowadays, well… not so much.  That why I was so excited when we got the Quarrow Hands-Free Neck Light.  It is truly a godsend.


Not only does it have two powerful LED lights, which can be turned on independently, but it also has a fantastically flexible cord which allows you to point the lights in any direction you wish.  All this, and it conveniently uses AA batteries which you can find just about anywhere.

Originally designed for outdoor activities,  the Quarrow Hands-Free Neck Light can hang around your neck or wrap around a pole or a tree to shine light right where you need it.

Some of the best uses we have discovered for the Quarrow Hands-Free Neck Light is

  • Shine light on your fingers while doing a manicure.
  • Lighting up the knitting area when knitting with black mohair.
  • As additional lighting while making a stop motion YouTube video
  • Use it as a source of light to check if that navy blue is really blue or is it black?
  • Reading in bed without disturbing anyone else.
  • Great portable light source when excavating under the steps for Christmas gifts.
  • Keep one in your glove box in case of emergency (middle of the night tire change)
  • Use for sewing to shine a little more light when threading the needle.
  • And many more.

I think if you try it, you will find out how much you love the Quarrow Hands-Free Neck Light, too.

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