Dream Machine: Digitize your own designs

Quite a while ago I talked about how I was using the camera on the Dream Machine to place my titles on my Harry Potter Quilt. (look Here for that post)  But today I want to talk about how to digitize your own pattern.

It is very easy to digitize with the Brother Dream Machine.  If you have a drawing that is coloring book simple it will work the absolute best for digitizing with the included software.  Firm, dark lines and clean, sharp designs work the best.

  1. This is the scanning frame. You use the included green magnets to hold your artwork in place.ScanningBed
  2. Place your artwork on the frame using the green magnets to keep it in place.  Be sure to push them as far out on your drawing as possible.


3.     Insert your scanning frame into the embroidery arm of your dream machine. Be sure to lock it in place.


4.     Choose My Design Center


5.   Click on that nifty little line drawn flower button that says line.  This scans easier and faster than the Illustrate button.  (But if you have a color picture you would choose illustrate.)IMG_1117

6.     Chose Scan.  Be aware your embroidery arm will move as the camera scans your artwork.IMG_1119

7.   Once your scanned artwork appears on the screen, you can crop the image and cut out the green magnets.


8.   You might also want to darken the Gray-Scale Detection Level just a hair.  It makes the lines sharper for the next part.


9.   When it is cropped and darkened appropriately, press OK.

10.  Now you can resize or rotate the artwork.  When that is accomplished, press SET.


12.   Here comes the fun part! You get to color. Touch the paint pot, then the page button to the right of the color block and you will see the paint palette.



13.   Touch the color you want and press OK.  This it is just like coloring, touch the section you want to turn that color.


14.  When we did the sheep, we wanted them to have a bit of texture.  So following the same steps as coloring, touch the paint pot and then the page button.   Notice the button above the color palette where there is a zigzag button and a stipple button.  Touch the stipple button, and choose your color, then touch OK.


15.  To do the grass, touch the pencil, then the page button underneath it.  After you pick your color and press OK, this will enable you to draw with your stylus.  Doodle a squiggle under the grass.IMG_1015


16.  Press Preview. These are final steps for adjusting your design.


17.   Check your settings. Auto should be lit. Undersewing should be off.  We reduced spacing on the stippling to 4.4 mm (these are the lines on the woolly sheep).  Then press OK. IMG_1022

18.   Take a look at your wonderful design! Good job.  Next if you like it, go ahead press SET and stitch it out.IMG_1023

19.  All done!!


As you can see, the Dream Machine is a wonderful way to do simple digitizing.  You can do fill embroidery as I’ve shown, and you can also do everything in a running stitch (such as for redwork or quilting motifs) or you can set your design for applique.  For an auto digitizing software, this is a wonderful entry into the world of digitizing.

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