Preventing Crafting Injury

After the rush of crafting for Christmas, we have been seeing a number of customers coming in laughing about being on injured reserve.  Sore wrists, sore backs, or sore thumbs; we forget that something that gives us pleasure can also hurt us if we are not careful.  So a list of 7 things you can do to help prevent injury.  Obviously I’m not a doctor, so if any of your “owies” cause you significant pain please see a real MD,  but from years of crafting experience and pooling from the ladies at work, not to mention the knowledge on the internet, here is what I learned.

  1. Sore back from sewing? Try adjusting the height of your sewing machine.  If you are slouching to see underneath, you will hurt your back. Try putting your machine on a taller table or lower your chair.
  2. Chapped hands? Try a Lanolin cream (it is in breastfeeding lotion) that will protect your hands without leaving a greasy mess.  Plus it comes from the sheep so the wool will like it, too.
  3. Sore wrists or elbows?  Change up your knitting style.  If you are an American style knitter, try learning continental.  Leslye has a video to teach you how.
  4. Sore neck? Try lifting your knitting.  Put a pillow in your lap to help lift your arms so that you aren’t looking down at your knitting.
  5. Eye strain?  Just like with a computer the rule is “20/20.” Every 20 minutes look away from your work and focus your eyes on something far away (20 feet).
  6. Sore seat, knees,or asleep feet? Remember to get up and walk around every 30 minutes or so.  This will get your blood moving to your lower extremities and will help prevent that asleep feeling.
  7. Tired hands? I have found that too much crochet can cause sore hands from the constant pincer grip that is needed.  This is called “weeder’s thumb.”  The best cures I have found is stretching and resting of the hands or changing the grip on the crochet hook.  You can use the ergonomic crochet hook to change your grip.

I hope this helps you recover and prevent further crafting injuries.  If you know of any other problems or “cures” please let me know.  I would love to be able to offer more suggestions to help people enjoy their crafting time.

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