Dream Machine: Digitize your own designs

Quite a while ago I talked about how I was using the camera on the Dream Machine to place my titles on my Harry Potter Quilt. (look Here for that post)  But today I want to talk about how to digitize your own pattern.

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Preventing Crafting Injury

After the rush of crafting for Christmas, we have been seeing a number of customers coming in laughing about being on injured reserve.  Sore wrists, sore backs, or sore thumbs; we forget that something that gives us pleasure can also hurt us if we are not careful.  So a list of 7 things you can do to help prevent injury.  Obviously I’m not a doctor, so if any of your “owies” cause you significant pain please see a real MD,  but from years of crafting experience and pooling from the ladies at work, not to mention the knowledge on the internet, here is what I learned. Continue reading