Top This!

Top This are these cute little hats which have been selling like hotcakes!  Not only are they adorable but they are a fast and fun knit.


The pattern, yarn, and little head are all included in a kit that is just $9.95.  There are 90+ yards of self-striping yarn where each color is a different texture.  The gauge for this hat is 15st/4 in. Just click on any of the pictures to purchase one for yourself.


This is such a fast gift.  I was able to knock out this darling bear in just 2 1/2 hours.  It will look so cute on the neighbor’s baby boy.  I like that the head can be tied securely onto the hat with ribbons (attached), and that the yarn is machine washable, which is great for any kid projects.


In addition to the pattern that comes in the kit, a quick check of Ravelry provides many other options for using the little head on slippers or crochet items.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESTop This Lovey is a sweet blanket.


Susan Leibowitz’s Top This Slippers are made using 2 kits and a available in kid to adult sizes.

top_this_hat__1_of_1__small2Let’s not forget the Kid’s Crochet Top This hat.

With such  fun and inexpensive kit, you can make all kids of wonderful things for the little person in your life.


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