Happy Thanksgiving and planning for holiday giving

Back in July, I posted some ideas to get everyone thinking about the holiday gift giving season (See the post here).  I hope you got started since it is now Thanksgiving which only leaves a week until Hanukkah and three weeks until Christmas.  With that in mind, here is a round-up of some quick and easy gift ideas.


As you know, I LOVE the Suzy Sack.  You can read my review on it here.  This project takes just 3 hours (even less once you have done it once or twice).  It is perfect for teacher or bus driver gifts, also in our sewing classes, kids as young as ten have made it with very little adult involvement.

Nancy Mondo

Another gift that doesn’t take very long to make is the Midi or Mondo bag. They can be made in a full day class, so plan for a full Saturday or weekend to get them made as a gift.  Here is a more in-depth review of the bags.

Alright, these are great sewing gifts, but what if you are a knitter? Well, I got you covered!



“Top This” is a cute little toddler hat where the pom-pom on top is a little animal head.  We can hardly keep these in stock, so give us a call if you want to order one.  With only a few left at the time of this writing, more are coming in daily.


What about a set of blockers for your favorite knitter?  We offer both straight and flexible blockers so your knitted item can be finished perfectly.


We also have yarn bowls.  What is a yarn bowl, you might ask? Well, have you ever been knitting and your ball of yarn rolls away and wraps itself around the chair legs, or the cat gets a hold of it and chases it across the room?  The yarn bowl prevents these catastrophes from occurring.  Plus it looks sweet and homey when there is a ball of yarn and knitting needles sticking out of the yarn bowl on your coffee table.

But wait…that’s not all.  How would that special person like a beautiful gift certificate, a gorgeous set of needles, or even a sewing machine, and a class on how to knit or sew, quilt, or use the new Scan & Cut 2?

Hopefully, this will give you some ideas for the holiday season.

And Happy Thanksgiving from Woolstock Knit & Sew!!




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