What to do with a Brother Dream Fabric Frame

I mentioned that we got a new toy last week, The Brother Dream Fabric Frame.  It can do so much but I don’t think I really gave you a good idea of what you could do on it.  So after doing some searching on Pinterest (I love pinterest!!) I wanted to share with you tutorials I found that can teach you the skills that you would use on the Dream Fabric Frame.

Free Motion Quilting

Carlabarrett.com Free motion worksheet

Carla Barrett at feathered fibers has some wonderful reminder cards teaching how the different free motion designs can be made.

The best free motion tutorials I have found are at the Inbox Jaunt. There are so many tutorials that I can’t even tell you. Lori explains how to make the design or the motif in a wonderfully clear manner, and the best part is that her directions will work for either a conventional sewing machine or a sewing machine on the Brother Dream Fabric Frame (which uses techniques more like a long arm sewing machine than a traditional home sewing machine).  Lori might be my new favorite blogger, not that she knows who I am, but just all the information and knowledge that she is willing to share. Thanks Lori!!

Thread Painting

Angela at Laughing Cat Design Studio teaches how to do thread painting in a very clear step-by-step manner. Here is the link to the  Video Workshops   .

I will be updating this list as I come across-other tutorials that inspire me as I use the Brother Dream Fabric Frame.


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