Suzy’s Sack


A new shipment of patterns came in the other day.  I had seen Suzy’s Sack on the Woolstock shop site a while ago but the pattern had been on back order.  I loved the bright colors that the pattern used in their sample.  Plus I have been very interested in making bags lately.  So when the pattern came in, I knew I would make one of these cute bags. The bag is about 5 1/2 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches deep.  There is a handle with a clip and D ring.  The side of this triangle shaped pouch has a zipper which goes down the entire length of the front.


This pouch is just the right size for knitting notions that you might want in your knitting bag; measuring tape, scissors, needle book, etc.  I want to make a sack for my kids as it is also good as a charger case.  They can fit their IPod, USB cord, the plug adapter, and ear buds all in the bag with ease.  Or I could use the bag for a mini purse.  I can fit my keys, phone, and wallet all inside.

I used Knitmare on Elm Street fabric for my knitting kit bag.  Look closely at this appropriately named Halloween fabric made by Micheal Miller.  Notice the little guy in the too-small knit sweater looking so unhappy, the person in the chair who didn’t survive the “quick and easy” knitting pattern, the cat and dog who found other uses for yarn, and the creative alternate use of knitting needles.  The handle is made using Swizzle Stix  and the binding at the top is Modern Mixers from Studio E.

knitmare on Elm Street      Swizzle Stix

I will be making more of these little bags since they make such quick little gifts and are really fun to make. What I like about this pattern is that It is very well written.  The only issue I found is I didn’t like how they did the inside corners.  Following the pattern the corners are sewn and zigzagged. They are not completely finished like I would have expected, but that’s where one  can do what they wish, and finish as they like.

Edit: I found a better way to do the inside corners using instructions from this tutorial- Pink Stitches: Boxy Pouch

Suzy's Sack

Here are more examples of this great bag in other fabrics.  Check out the  detail of just one adorable button.   Making them only takes a few hours.    Think how great this bag would be as a little Christmas and Hanukkah present?  What about a teacher gift with a gift card tucked inside?  This bag is so easy and so much fun, and the possibilities are endless.

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