Our Newest Toy- The Brother Dream Fabric Frame

UPS dropped off 2 large boxes.  We had been told that the new toy would be arriving soon, but we were not expecting it to be today.  Since I was the only one who had even seen the Brother Dream Fabric Frame in person, it would be my responsibility to build it.  I wish I had taken pictures of the progress but if I had made a horrible mess of it, I didn’t want photographic proof of my ineptitude.

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Suzy’s Sack


A new shipment of patterns came in the other day.  I had seen Suzy’s Sack on the Woolstock shop site a while ago but the pattern had been on back order.  I loved the bright colors that the pattern used in their sample.  Plus I have been very interested in making bags lately.  So when the pattern came in, I knew I would make one of these cute bags. Continue reading

National Sewing Month Challenge

The other day, we had the first person to compete in our Sewing Challenge bring in her project.  One of our sewing students, an amazing 14 year old, “L”, made this incredible bag.  She has been sewing with us for a while but has been sewing even longer on her own.  She came to Woolstock to learn technical sewing and pattern reading, as she was already great at creating her own patterns and finding the “hacks.” Continue reading