Resources – You never know what is out there!

As knitters most of us know about Ravelry.  This is a wonderful website where you can look up knitting or crochet patterns, projects, or yarn.  It also has an extensive forum area where you can make new friends and ask questions if you don’t have a local yarn store near you.

But what about sewers? There are a couple of options.  First is Pattern Review.  This is similar to Ravelry in that you can search for a type of fabric, pattern, store, or website.  There are also reviews on sewing machines (so you can get more insight than just from Amazon or Ebay when researching your next machine).  There are also forums which have message boards where you can get advice or make friends.  There are over 300,000 members, so this site is pretty big.

Another option is My Sewing Circle.  It also has pattern reviews and forums. Plus, there are sewing circles where people with similar interests can band together. This site is much smaller, but I prefer the layout of My Sewing Circle.   I plan on trying to put some of the patterns we sell here at Woolstock up to help build the site.


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