Dream Machine Embroidery Placement


I have been working on Fandom in Stitches’ Harry Potter Project of Doom.  It is a quilt along where a new block was released each week for about 6 months.  I have learned so much working on this project! I learned how to paper piece, do trapunto, and even design my own block.

The blocks are comprised of book spines and related knick-knacks as one would find on a bookshelf.  All these book spines were just begging to be embroidered with machine embroidery.  The Facebook page for the project had many embroidery designs of book titles as does The Bored Zombie.  I really like how Susan at The Bored Zombie digitizes so that is who I am going to use for this tutorial.  I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about how to embroider, I  am instead going to show you how the Dream Machine by Brother uses a camera for design placement.

Hoop with no show mesh

1. Hoop your block.  I’m using an 8×8 hoop which is currently only available for The Dream Machine,  but will soon be available with an upgrade for the V-series Machines (VM-6200D, VM5100, VE2200, and BP2100). I used no show mesh cutaway stabilizer.  I found that for this project I like the light weight fusible cutaway much better than the various types of tearaway.  I trim very close to the stitches which doesn’t stress them like a tear away might.

2. Plug in the thumbdrive.  The Dream Machine can accept a thumbdrive or you can plug it directly into your laptop through a usb/printer cable.  This is how you get embroidery designs off the internet.  Just download them into a file on your thumbdrive and plug it in.

Start-Screen3.Turn The Dream Machine on.  There is a start up screen which offers the choice of sewing, embroidery, Disney embroidery, and My Design Center.  Touch embroidery.

USB reader button4. In the bottom right hand corner there are 6 buttons under a green banner which reads My Design Center.  Tap the USB symbol. It is the one on the left in the second row.

USB files5. Find the file you want.  I like to have my files separated into groups  in folders.  Since this is a new-ish thumbdrive, I don’t have many folders on it yet. Open the folder by touching the screen.


Then you will see thumbnails of the different embroidery files. Touch the one your want to open and it will appear on the screen.   If this is the design you want, press Set.


6. Now the amazing part. Push this little button up on the top right hand corner of the screen.   That one in the middle, the one which shows a camera and a polka dot square of fabric.  The embroidery carriage will move as the camera scans your hoop.

 Scan the hoop

7. You can see a screen shot of your fabric with the embroidery on top.  By using a stylus or the move arrows you can move the embroidery anywhere you want.  Since the fabric is on the screen you can make sure the design placement is exactly right.


8.  If you touch edit you can change the location, size, density, and even the colors of the design.  You can rotate the design to sit at an angle or flip a design so it faces in the other direction.

9.  Once it is exactly where you want it, and all the edits are done, go ahead and press the embroidery button.  Put down the presser foot and when the button turns green, go ahead and stitch out your design.


How amazing is this machine?!?  The camera has made my life so much easier when doing the book titles and it is so much fun to see how the different colors look on the fabric instead of just guessing and hoping for the best.

Thank you to The Bored Zombie for providing the free embroidery designs (anyone can grab them) and a special thanks to Jenny at Fandom in Stitches for designing all the wonderful quilt blocks.

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