Fun with the Twister Tool

One of the best things about working at a fabric and yarn shop has to be the toys.  There are so many fabrics to play with, yarns to touch, and patterns to explore.  But the tools, oh, the tools!!  I was stocking the new patterns today and I came across a number of patterns that used a tool called a “Twister.”  This is a plastic template with little feet which has markings to line up with the seams to enable the quilter to make a pinwheel pattern.

Ok, so that might not really make much sense.  Let me show you how we use the Twister Tool.

First make a 9 patch, there are various layouts you can use but I did a simple even/odd layout.  Then put a border around it.

original 9-patch

Once it is all sewn, use the Twister Tool (I am using the Lil’ Twister, which is the smaller size template) to create the blocks for this block.  Put the template on the corner matching the black lines with the seam lines on your 9-patch.

Using Twister

Cut around the template and the move the template to the next seam.  Continue cutting around the template on each seam.

Twister Blocks

I cut out 16 from my original 9-patch.

Twister-cut upTurn each block a quarter turn clockwise and line up the blocks.  You should see the twist or pinwheel emerge.  Then sew the blocks together, and you will see the new block that the twister tool has helped you make.

finished twister

When I was testing the tool, we were all amazed that someone could have thought about how to twist a 9-patch to make this interesting block.  It was so much fun to figure out how to use the tool and see what came out in the end.

Check out these patterns that are made using the Twister andLil’ Twister tools.

Twister Shimmer Quilt Pattern

Weekend Twister Quilt Pattern

Twisted Weath using the Lil' Twister Tool

Lil' Twister Tool sold at

Twister Tool sold at

Isn’t it amazing what you can make with these simple tools?

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