Meet Nancy- a Staple at Woolstock!

Nancy- A Woolstock StapleNancy is a familiar face here at Woolstock. She is always around with a friendly smile and ready to answer any knitting questions.  After many years as a customer, she was officially invited to join the Woolstock family because of her amazing knitting knowledge and her caring heart.  You can often find her cleaning up the shop or sitting at the table knitting samples, always ready to top what she is working on to give some assistance or provide some knitting wisdom.

How long have you worked for Woolstock?

Probably 10 or 11 years. It is always fun to work in a place where it is your hobby.  I have always loved knitting and sewing. There are some great customers here and I like working with them.

When did you learn to knit?

A very sweet old German lady who owned the dry goods store taught me to knit and embroider when I was 8.  I often would visit her shop when I was in town with my parents.  When I was older, I took needlepoint lessons for years but I like knitting so much more.  I like that I can wear what I make.  I really like sweaters- I guess you can say I’m a sweater person- so I enjoy knitting just the right sweater for myself.

What do you like to knit?

Oh, I’m a selfish knitter. I will make small things for gifts but mostly I make sweaters and accessories for myself.  It take a lot of time to make the bigger things and sometimes people who don’t knit, don’t appreciate the amount of time and work put into something hand knit.

McMilne Shawl Madelinetosh

McMilne Shawl made from Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage

What is your favorite sample?

I really like the McMilne Shawl.  It is made from Madelinetosh .  I am excited to be getting more in soon.  But my favorite thing to make is the Colinette Throw.  I’ve made maybe 3 of them and they are great gifts for weddings.

So Madelinetosh is your favorite yarn?

I really do like Madelinetosh.  It has great colors and the way it is spun just lets it glide across the needles.  My second favorite is Cascade Ecological Wool.  It is a huge skein and gives you such a great deal for the money.  It is chunky without being bulky.  Since it is 100% wool it makes a nice sweater or an afghan.

Cascade Eco

Cascade Ecological Wool and Eco + are available in a huge array of colors. Each skein is 478 yards and 250 grams!

So what advice would you give a new Knitter?

Persevere!  It will become second nature after a while.  Pick what you like, if you like the yarn and the pattern, that is half the battle with knitting.  Life is too short not to love what you make.


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