Christmas Projects

We are here at the end of July.  That means there is just 6 months until Christmas and Winter Solstice, 5 months until Hanukkah (it is crazy early this year- Dec 6), so it is time to start making lists and crafting.  It seems strange to think about the winter gift giving season when it is too warm to go to the pool, but sometimes big crafty things take time.  Sweaters, blankets, quilts, all take a bit of time and planning.

Over the next few months, I will be offering projects to get you started on your holiday knitting or sewing.  Today I am going to focus on kits that make the planning of your project super easy.

The I Heart Noro kit is great for summer knitting since each block is made individually and is compact enough to take on vacations or car trips.  The kit comes with a pattern and all the yarn you need to make this lovely blanket.  Can you see this in a little girl’s room?

Noro yarn knitting blanket

Also available is the Stained Glass Blanket.  This is knit in the log cabin style with each section knitted off the previous section.  Usually one think of log cabin as a sewing pattern but we offer it as a fun knitting kit.  There are special joining techniques described in this pattern to make it look as if you made it in one whole piece.


What about the Raydiance Swing Vest Kit? This is going to be a Knit Along in August if you are local and interested in joining us on the last Tuesday night of each month. I love this vest because not only is it bright and colorful, but it can fit a variety of sizes so you can guess about what size to make for a gift.  If you prefer more subtle colors, there are lots of other color choices and kinds of yarns to make your Raydiance Swing Vest.

We shouldn’t forget the sewers- I love working on quilts.  They can be stitched in the moments between activities or my favorite time to work on them is when I am waiting for the oven to ding or the water to boil (it helps having my sewing space off of the kitchen).  Cutting out or piecing blocks can be done in front of the TV and in small snippets of time.  Since each block’s sewing technique is the same as the next, time isn’t wasted trying to remember what step you are on or re-reading instructions. I promise after doing the same stitches 12, 16, 24 times you will know what to do without having to read directions.

Two of my favorite kits are Square Dancing -made from mottled rainbow fat quarters.  This quilt is made from many blocks that can be assembled in no time at all.  You can quilt it in an all over pattern or stitch in the ditch.  The kit comes with the bright colors for the insides of the squares and enough fabric for the backing. Accent fabric, border, batting, and binding not included.

square dancing quilt kitThere is also In and Out – Made from Silk Dupioni in 16 amazing shades of red and orange in support of the American Heart Association.  A donation is made the American Heart Association with each purchase.  This is such a sinfully luxurious quilt.


Maybe there is someone who is expecting a baby, wouldn’t the Spring Surprise Twice as Charmed Project Pack be great as a baby gift?

Hopefully this has given you are starting place for your holiday gift giving sewing.  What are you going to make?

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Projects

  1. Ooh lots of nice ideas here 🙂 I was thinking making individual small stockings (sewn this year…I crocheted them last year) for friends. I also have lots of xmas fabric from last year so was thinking of making some hot water bottles…don’t have the time to make everyone a gigantic quilt…much as I would love to! xx


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