Brother Multi-Purpose Screwdriver

Brother makes a multi-purpose screwdriver that is a blessing to any sewer.  You don’t realize how often you need a screwdriver when you are sewing.  Every time you change a needle, change the needle plate, switch between sewing and embroidering, or hoop fabric, you could need a screwdriver.  Consider the different angles you need to maneuver into so you can make these changes and –oh my. It is enough to make you crazy.

This is why we like the Brother multi-purpose screwdriver.  It unfolds like a Swiss army knife.

Brother Mutli-purpose Screwdriver

In position 1, the screwdriver is out like a normal screwdriver.  This is optimal for changing needles or switching the snap on sewing foot for the embroidery foot.

position1 Brother Multi-purpose Screwdriver

Position 2 places the screwdriver at a right angle.  This makes it easy to remove the needle plate when you need to clean underneath it.

position 2 Mutl-purpose screwdriver

Position 3 tucks the screwdriver blade inside the handle where it can be placed over the screw on an embroidery hoop so that you can tighten the hoop easily.

position 3 Multi-purpose screwddriver by Brother

All of these features are great but the best part is that the handle is larger and thicker than the little screwdrivers that come with your sewing machine.  This makes it easier to hold and allows those of us who might have issues gripping small things to continue working with our sewing machines without asking for help.

Have you found something that makes life easier when you are sewing?

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