Keep those old magazines


When I was a kid, I often dawdled over breakfast reading.  I read anything; cereal boxes, cookbooks, wildlife guides, birding books, etc.  Now as an adult, I tend to still dawdle over my cereal.  I still read anything I find close at hand.  Currently I am working my way through all my old knitting books and magazines.  These older patterns still inspire me.  When I was a new mother, what attracted my knitting attention was very different than what attracts me now as a parent of teenagers.  It is funny.  When the magazines came out, some of the styles were too different from what I normally had seen.  They might be too forward thinking, I guess.  But when I re-read the magazines months or even years later, I see how some of the styles are now part of my wardrobe or styles I see on everyone.  That magazine had predicted the future!!!

The magazines I especially love right now are the Interweave publications.  Every issue has interesting stories about the designers or how they develop their patterns. Not to mention the array of patterns that are included in each and every magazine.  I also like the specialty issues such as Jane Austen Knits or Enchanted Knits.  These magazines are based on a theme, whether it is fairy tales or a period in history.

Looking though old magazines can be just as inspiring as a new one.  The next time you are in your LYS (local yarn shop), check their magazine rack.  There might just be an older magazine that strikes your fancy.

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