Ergonomic Crochet Hook

I learned to crochet the wrong way from a book when I was visiting my grandmother in Texas. I was just a kid and I couldn’t read a pattern, I didn’t learn how to do any of the stitches the right way, and all I was able to make well was circles and trapezoids.  When I thought about my time crocheting, all I could remember was the cramp in my hand at the end of making whatever thing I was trying to make.  The palm of my hand would cramp, and it would take ages to massage that cramp out.


So when I saw the ergonomic crochet hook, I wanted to give it a try.  As an employee of a yarn and fabric store,  it might be time to learn to right way to crochet.  So the other day, I sat with one of the wonderful, talented ladies who work at Woolstock and Vicky taught me how to crochet.  She was very patient as I tried to twist the hook the proper way around the yarn, (I guess I had been doing it backwards for years).  I found a pattern I wanted to try- Sea Shell Garland– and Vicky went through the pattern figuring out all the stitches I would need to know.  She then had me make a little sampler of the different stitches I needed for the pattern.  After I had made the sampler, I started on the shell.  Vicky sat with me as we went though each part and she guided me though the entire process.


But as awesome as Vicky is at teaching, this post is also about the Ergonomic Crochet Hook.  This hook was wonderful! I didn’t get a cramp in my hand from holding this hook like I did from holding the normal thin version.  The large ball sits right in the palm of my hand, balanced just right.  I am able to control the hook using my wrist and a pincer grip.  The larger muscles of my hand stay totally relaxed.  It was so nice to spend time crocheting without having to massage my hand afterwards.  Another thing I like about this hook is that it is really a set.  The ball handle comes with 6 interchangeable hooks in various sizes from 1.25 mm to 6.0 mm ( 3 steel hooks for lace and 3 regular hooks for yarn)

ergonomic crochet hook

I was so pleased to make this little shell. I am working on a starfish and I intend to continue using the ergonomic crochet hook. Having someone sit with me and teach me, person to person, was the best way for me to learn crochet.  Woolstock is great at offering lessons, one with one, so that you too can learn to knit, crochet or sew.  Plus, we have some great tools, yarns and fabrics.

Have you found a tool that makes your crafting easier? I would love to hear about your favorite gadgets or notions.

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