Noro Garter Triangle Shawl

Noro Triangle Garter shawlA few weeks ago the Noro dealer came in with all his yarn books and balls.  You would have thought it was Christmas as excited as everyone was to see what the dealer brought.  The chance to touch the new fibers and inspect the new colorways was so much fun!! He brought a copy of the new Noro magazine (#5) which when we saw the pattern for the  Garter TriangleShawl, we knew we would have to make this as a sample.  I volunteered to do the knitting.  We picked Janome # 1 as the fiber of choice for this project.

So about the pattern… It was fairly easy once I set up the repeat pattern.  A repeat that is 10 rows long can be tricky to keep track of when your knitting time involves a fair amount of starts and stops.  But once I found my rhythm, it became very easy.  I did change one thing in the pattern.   I did not do all the repeats the pattern directed.  I ran out of yarn 1 1/2 rows short of the bind off. So instead I just bound off a little early.  The shawl is plenty large enough that the missing 3 rows are not obvious.  I blocked it with our Blockers, and the difference was amazing!  You could really see the details of the stitch pattern and it draped beautifully. How did I ever live without blocking with wires?

All in all, I really like how this pattern goes together.  The Janome yarn striped nicely and as it is 60% silk and 40% wool, it was very nice to work with all the delicious colors.

I suggest if you are looking for a beautiful accessory, you consider this pattern.  I really think you will enjoy making this shawl.

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