Couture Colorways

Couture Colorway

An exclusive afghan kit only from Woolstock!! These blankets are great as a decorative touch for a living room or a bedroom.  We designed a pattern so easy that a child could make them.  There are a few tricks in the pattern to enhance some of the special yarns, and a way to distribute the many yarns we have included, but this really is an easy and elegant throw to place in a special place in your home.  Don’t think these are delicate as they might appear. They can withstand whatever the family might do to it.  Most important is how they can bring the colors of your room together and, if you snuggle under it, bring a few people together on that cold winter’s night. You have to sit really close though.

Green Couture Colorway Afghan      White Couture Colorway Afghan

Each kit we build is unique in colors and fibers, and all the yarns work so well together.  Many yarns are exclusive to our store.  You can pick a pre-assembled kit or we can design one for you to meet your personal decorating needs.  Bring in (or send us) your fabric swatches or tell us your color scheme so we can design one just for you.  You know…you can’t find these in Macy’s.

To order a kit email us at or call us at 410-517-1020.  Remember, we can design the perfect kit for you!  The prices are all based on what yarn we include in the kit.Ripple Red


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