Wallet Tutorial- Father’s Day Gift idea


Guys can be notoriously hard people to sew for.  Not only do most have a limited color palette (grey, black, dark blue, brown, maroon, and camo – or is that just my family?) but there are really only so many variations on shirt, hoodie, pants, and ties that a man will wear.  Not to mention, guys tend to be big and take a fair amount of fabric.

But what can you make a guy that they will appreciate and use? How about a wallet?  Since it is small and hidden you might be able to get away with some fun fabric or patterns. Novelty fabric, anyone?  For the sample I picked some rich monochromatic hues in stripe and check Peppered Cottons.  This is such a simple wallet with 5 pockets, it only takes about 90 minutes all told to make once all the fabric is prepped and ready to go.

Wallet Tutorial

1/4 yard main fabric (Color-03)

1/4 yard contrast fabric (Color-03)

Coordinating Bias tape or make your own (I elected to make my own using Charcoal Peppered Cotton)

1/4 yd interfacing

Fabric 12x8Cut your main fabric into a rectangle 12″ x 8″. Repeat with your contrasting fabric.

Interface pieces Interface your rectangles.

Fold up 2 inches

top down

Using your main fabric (this will be the one on the outside of your wallet), fold the bottom 8″ edge up 2″.  Fold the top edge down 4″. The short raw edges should be touching.  Pin and press the folds.

repeat with contrast fabbricWith your contrast fabric, fold the bottom 8″ side up 2 1/2″ and fold the top side down 3 1/2″.  Again the short raw edges should be touching.  Pin and press the folds.

topstitching Top stitch along all the folds.

stack  Fold Down stack and baste

Stack your 2 pieces as follows: Main fabric with raw edges up. Place contrast on top, lining up the raw edge lines.  Fold the Contrast fabric in half along the raw edge line and pin the folded layers of the contrast fabric to the bottom portion of the main fabric.

triple stitch

Sew a triple stitch down the middle of the 3 layers of fabric.  This will create the credit card pockets.  Fold the credit card section back up over the bill section.  The edges of the pockets should be staggered so that each sections is easily accessible.

Baste the open edgeBaste the open ends.

bias   bias 2   finished bias

Using bias tape, bind the ends.  I like the fold the bias tape around the wallet during my first pass so that the raw edges are completely covered before I refold the bias so that I can topstitch it down to make everything neat and finished.

Outside of wallet

Almost done!! To give the wallet a bit more structure, I made a 1/4″ stitching line on the top and bottom in addition to the topstitching.

inside of wallet

As you can see, with this choice of fabrics, the wallet is casual and yet fun.  With different fabrics, it could take on a very different feel.


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