Father’s Day Free Knitting Pattern Round-up

knittingfor menThe web is an amazing source of information.  There are so many fun and interesting patterns in the world  I selected 10 free knitting patterns that you can whip up for Dad.  And if you are a slow knitter, you could always start them now so you are ahead at Christmas time…

Felt Clogs - knitting Felt Clogs- Free Knitting Pattern from Pilgrims Purse.  These use wool which is knitted and then felted to make some nice thick clogs.

knitted JumperKnit Jumper for Men This is a fairly simple pullover with a nice large ribbed pattern.  The shawl collar makes finishing the neck easy and decorative.

fingerless gloves Men’s Fingerless Gloves on Ravelry.  Designer James Campbell made these manly gloves using a sport yarn so that they will knit up fairly quickly, and as they all but cover the fingertips, they are great for when he needs some dexterity but still needs to keep warm.

worsted socks Basic thick socks will keep his toes warm and toasty. Plus this pattern uses worsted weight yarn so I know it will knit up quickly.

beanie For a simple beanie style hat, check out Chuck Wright’s Regular Guy Beanie.  This is my husband’s favorite style hat.  It is similar to a watch cap but with less ribbing.

CaptAmerica For the superhero in your life, Beth Kluckhohn has designed a Captain America Hoodie. 

starwarsBecause every geek needs a scarf, check out Jessica Goddard’s Star Wars Scarf.  It will make his adorable nerdy heart sing.

football If crochet is more your speed- and you have a football fan, this is a great afghan to make for him as he sits and cheers on his favorite team. Football Afghan

rifleman gloves Sometimes vintage is best.  In this case a vintage pattern for Rifleman’s Gloves where the trigger finger and the thumb are tipless while the other fingers stay warm in the mittens.

gansey For a traditional sweater, there is the Gansey pattern by Sarah Hatton.  The majority of this pattern is straight stockinette which goes very fast, and the yoke is interesting with different stitch patterns and cables.  Best of all, the size goes all the way from extra small to 2XL so you could even have a father and son thing going on.

If you need more ideas- Check out All Free Knitting where they have assembled 50 patterns which will tickle your guy.

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