Knitting and Sewing Printables Round up

Free Sewing, Knitting, and Crochet

I was trying to organize my sewing and knitting area the other day. Between working, orders, requests, and children, my creating time is at a premium.  I have always kept small projects in gallon zipper bags. My favorite ones are the Hefty Zip bags with the little zipper slides in the 2 gallon size since they are big enough to hold the fabric, pattern, and notions for a men’s sized pattern or enough yarn for an entire sweater.

It is all well and good to keep projects organized in bags, but as I discovered when I got my grandmother’s crafting bin, bags of crafts without any information are not much better than a huge unorganized tote.  So I went looking for some way to document these projects.  My mom had used a scrapbook, which I loved looking though when I was a kid, but it was just a picture and maybe random words. There was no real information on the patterns, fabrics, or yarn used.

So here are some (free!) printables I found which I hope will make me more organized in my whole baggie system.  Some of them can even turn into pages that can be put into a scrapbook when the item is given away or loved to pieces so that there will always be a record.

Knitting and Sewing printable  Eliza Ellis has a wonderful matched set of printables that covers knitting, crochet, sewing, and supply inventory.

SewingJournalPagesCompleted Sew Mama Sew hosted Angela from waxes poetic about the possible historic importance  of keeping a sewing journal. It is more than just a record of your project, it is a snapshot into life at this one moment in time.

Escapades in sewing PDF sewing journalSteph at escapadesinsewing has some very detailed pdf sheets (3 different versions!) to keep track of her sewing projects.  She even has sections for different stitches and serger settings.

FavoritePlanner Honeybear LaneHoneybear Lane hosted Amy from Positively Splendid who made my favorite sewing printable. It is simple and includes a spot for a picture.  Any extra information can be written on the back or under project notes. And since it can be folded to fit into the half size binders (like these- Avery Mini Binders), they fit better into my sewing bin.

Quilting Project Sheet If you just need to stay organized on the steps of a quilting project, Taryn from Pixals to Patchwork has some wonderful printables.  She has 2 versions of the printable. The first keeps track of multiple projects while the second is project specific.

knitting project sheet If you have lots of knitting projects to keep track of, this printable from Mom’s Budget is a great resource.

completedknitting Mom’s Budget also has this Knitting project printable that has room for a picture, the swatch, and a ball band plus notes about pattern, needle size and any changes you made.

WIP card And if you are a crocheter, here are some cute little WIP (work in progress) cards that are just the right size to stuff in a baggie with your work. Made by Sheri at, these are a great printable since they print out 4 cards to a sheet.

knitting_journal_sampleKathryn Ivy created an entire Fiber Arts journal to keep track of everything from knitting or crochet projects to yarn stash to needles. This is one of the sets that includes a spot for pictures.

knit project form This knitting planner by DIY Planner offers a space with graph paper for charting designs.

openplanning  Very Shannon offers a very open knitting planning sheet. There are just 4 categories and you can use them however you like.

printable-tag-in-useThese are some cute, cost effective project cards. Marinke from A Creative Being designed these little cards which print out 10 to a sheet. Just enough information to keep track of the project and small enough to fit in the baggie.

So will these help you stay organized? How do you keep your projects organized? Are there other systems out there other than the baggie or bin system?

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