Father’s Day Key Fob- Tutorial

Father’s Day is just around the corner- June 21st.  And we love our Dads here are Woolstock, so over the next few weeks I am going to be offering some guy-friendly gift ideas.

First on the list today is a key fob.  These are easy to make in under 15 minutes! If you are local to Reisterstown, Maryland, stop in and grab a kit. You can use one of our incredible machines which will give you about a million different embroidery options. (ok, that might be hyperbole, but seriously these machines have a bunch!)

For those of you following at home here is your shopping list:

a scrap of fabric or a beautiful pre-cut strip 2 1/2″ by 11″

And either a key fob kit or a key ring.

Key Fob Kit


1. Cut a piece of cardstock or poster board into a strip 1 inch wide by 6-11 inches long.  This is just a measuring template so it doesn’t have to be anything but scrap.

key fob - press the edges in

2. Place in the middle of your fabric and fold the edges over your template. Press well.  Make sure the edges overlap.

3. Pick your design.  I’m using a Brother Innov-is Dream Creator machine. So I am able to combine fancy stitches and letters in a design right on the sewing machine before I stitch them out.  I chose to make three stars and spell out DAD. I love this machine because not only does it have a bunch of wonderful decorative stitches, but it also has the ability to do embroidery.

Brother 5100

4. Stitch some fancy stitches right down the middle.  Anyone can do this.  The decorative and fun-to-make stitching will catch the raw edges on the underside.  Check your machine at home. It might do a blanket, squiggle, flower, or feather stitch that looks interesting when paired with plain or variegated embroidery thread. Here are some examples.  With these, Dad will never lose his keys again!  Well….most likely.

Key Fob embroidery

5.  Fold your strip in half so that it makes a loop. If you have the key fob kit, you will attach that on the raw end of your strip using pliers.  Be sure to pad the mouth or it will dent the hardware. (ask me how I know…see dent)

Key Fob Kit

Or if you are just using a key ring- Go ahead and slip the strip through the ring. Then with the right sides together, stitch 1/4″ from the end. Flip over so that the wrong sides are together and stitch again  at the join. This traps the raw ends inside.

Stitch it again Finished Key Fob

Now you are all done. I hope the Dad in your life likes the key fob.  You could always slip keys to a new car on it. Then I’m sure he would love it!

What kinds of things do you like to give the men in your life? Do you prefer making something or just buying it?

Key Fob embroideryThe first 6 people into the store who mention seeing this blog get to make one for FREE!!!!

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