The Importance of Little Projects– Summer Knitting

School is almost out for the kids which means it is vacation time! Long hours in the car driving to that vacation spot, waiting in line at camp pick up, sitting at the airport waiting on a flight, or hanging out at the pool, are all good times for working on small projects.  And while there are small hand-sewing projects, I have always found smaller knitting projects to be more bang for the buck.  A pair of socks or fingerless mitts, a shawlette, or baby sweaters and booties are all great summer projects.  Not only are they small enough for a tote bag, but they will give you a jump start on the winter gift giving season!

So to get the juices flowing, here are some patterns and yarns to tickle your fancy.

My favorite fingerless mitts- Designed by the Amazing Amy Ripton Hedgerow Mitts which would be fabulous in our Viking Nordlys 

knit baby sweater Any of the baby sweaters in the Babe Softcotton Chunky Book using Babe Softcotton Worsted

Bru Shawl Ravelry SunseekerOr the Bru Shawl available on Ravelry with our Sunseeker yarn.  We even offer this as a kit!

 Noro yarn knitting blanket Of course there is nothing to say you couldn’t take on a big projects like the I ♥ Noro Blanket.  This is a great summer project since each square is small and easily transportable.

So whatever you choose as your summer knitting, drop us a note and let us see. We love to experience the creativity of our readers!

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