You are NEVER too old!

Research has proven that learning a new skill helps keep your brain in good shape and contributes to fighting off dementia.  In a study published a year ago, researchers found learning to sew or do digital photography not only improved memory but the gains in memory were maintained for over a year!  According to cognitive psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman, learning new challenging skills strengthens not only short term memory but also long term.  By activating the entire “brain network” learning new skills decreases the risk of memory loss and “cognitive aging.”

The challenge of learning to quilt, knit, or construct clothing is a good way to keep your brain sharp.  Mr. Moore took up that challenge recently when he enrolled in Woolstock’s Introduction to Clothing Construction class where he made his wife a nightgown.  After the class, he went on to construct the lined denim he is seen wearing.


Good Job Mr. Moore!

Article cited “Learning a New Skill Keeps Works best to Keep Your Brain Sharp” Published by NPR

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